Why January 6, 2021 Happened

During a peaceful rally in Washington, DC, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters protested what they believed to be fraudulent election results. After the speech by President Trump, the crowd began to march from the White House Ellipse and surrounding areas to the Capitol Building where Congress was getting ready to start counting the electoral votes. Once they arrived at the Capitol, protestors were able to enter the building with little resistance from Capitol security.  I will leave it to those that were there to provide a true reporting of what happened inside the Capitol.

One woman was shot by security and 3 others died from “medical emergencies”. Fifty-two people were arrested.

Why did this happen? What caused millions of Americans to be so upset with their government that it resulted in a mob assaulting the Capitol? Why did people who believe strongly in the Constitution and the rule of law, who respect and support law enforcement and the military, and who consider themselves to be Patriots, attack the symbol of US self government?

There is both a simple answer and a complicated answer.

Simple Answer

The simple answer is the government, including the court system, the US Congress, state legislatures, governors, mayors, and politicians in general, refused to respond to the concerns of a large segment, possibly a majority, of the citizenry commonly referred to as the “Deplorables”. The Deplorables had already sent thousands of emails, made thousands of phone calls, wrote their representatives in Congress, and held several rallies, both at state capitals and in Washington, DC.

But still, the courts, including the Supreme Court, refused to act. 2020 election results were certified even when some level of fraud had obviously occurred. State legislators hid from their constituents and told their staff to not answer the phone. What options were left?

State legislators, governors, the courts, Congress, ALL refused to get involved. Why couldn’t they hold hearings? Why couldn’t a single court rule on the evidence? Why didn’t states authorize an audit rather than simply recounting the votes, which included the suspected fraudulent votes? Why did the Supreme Court duck one of the biggest cases ever before them when a fair and honest hearing could have resolved the issue.

For some, the answer was to attend the rally in Washington, DC on January 6, listen to the speakers, and then march to the Capitol to demand that Congress listen to their concerns. When they arrived at the Capitol, security was minimal and, swept up in the moment, they stormed into the building.

In the heat of the moment, what seemed like a good idea to some, resulted in the loss of 4 lives and lost most of the support we did have in Congress.

Complicated Answer

The complicated answer starts with the fact that populist movements are a threat to both political parties. Since President Trump was a populist, he was also a threat to both political parties.

Political parties and politicians don’t get their money from the voters but from huge corporations. A populist movement and huge corporations (big banks, big tech, big education, big healthcare, big insurance, etc.) have diametrically opposing goals.

When the government becomes too big, too overburdening, too controlled by big business interests, and when the “common” man and woman start seeing their lives get worse, populism springs up. A combination of economic and social conditions occur which creates anxiety and economic stress in the working class, then a charismatic leader comes along who champions the plight of the working class, and a populist movement is born.

In our recent lifetime, we saw these charismatic leaders champion populist causes: Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. We saw The Tea Party and now “The Deplorables” form spontaneously because of economic and social stresses experienced by the working class.

Each of these populist movements was attacked by the uni-party. It makes no difference if the populist movement is left or right, the uni-party will try to destroy it. They might try to make it look like the Democrats are trying to destroy the right-wing populist movement and Republicans destroy the left-wing populist movement, but that is just for show. One party takes action and the other acquiesces. That’s why no one in the Obama administration was punished for any actions against the Tea Party.

Here are some of the techniques the uni-party uses to attack a populist movement or leader.

  • Label as Racist
  • label as Anti-Immigrant
  • Label as Islamophobic
  • Label as Xenophobic
  • Destroy the Charismatic Leader
  • IRS Investigation
  • Censoring Information on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
  • Attack Credibility of Leaders
  • Opposition Research
  • DOJ Legal Actions
  • Destroy Moral by Doing Opposite of What is Demanded
  • Attack Leader’s Family
  • Use Former Employees to Attack
  • Use Former Government Officials to Attack

Now let’s focus on the big globalist businesses and the role they play. Globalist businesses want 4 things:

  • Cheap Labor
  • Open Borders
  • Laissez-Faire Capitalism
  • Access to China

This is really what the fight is about. Globalist businesses want to be able to locate their factories wherever they can get the cheapest labor with minimal government regulation. They need open borders because they need people to freely migrate to wherever the jobs are located. And of course, they want access to the China market.

The only way they can make this happen is to own the political class. They could care less about which party is in power, as long as they get what they want.

If globalists get what they want, then what happens to the working class?

As jobs move offshore, the working-class experiences:

  • Wage Suppression
  • Loss of Good Local Jobs
  • Lower Standard of Living

The working class starts suffering economic problems and looks around to see what has changed. The textile plants closed several years ago and those high paying jobs are gone. The jobs available now pay only a fraction of what the old jobs paid, yet the cost of living has increased. Main street is deserted as small businesses are driven out of business by Walmart and the big box stores. The local grocery closed because it couldn’t compete with Walmart’s prices. Many of the kids leave the area upon graduation because there aren’t good jobs with a future in the area.

The government resettles immigrants in the area who compete for the few jobs available. Illegal immigrants start taking jobs in construction and lawn maintenance at lower salaries. Local people start to blame immigrants for their economic problems creating tensions in the community.

Property values decrease, tax revenue decrease, schools have to offer classes for non-English speaking students, more people are unemployed and turn to drugs or alcohol, the entire community starts to go downhill.

The people look to their local government who is unable to help. They talk to their state government who offers little help. They talk to their US Representative who offers no help.

They are told they need to retrain for new tech jobs, but these jobs don’t even exist in their community. Is it even practical for someone in their 40’s or 50’s to spend a year or 2 preparing for a new career and then competing with 20 somethings for a job, plus relocate for the job? Who would you hire for an entry-level position?

Along comes Donald Trump who says he will bring jobs back to the US, will secure our borders, will limit immigration to those with needed skills, will get us out of foreign wars, will negotiate better trade deals, and will stop China from getting rich at our expense. Exactly what everyone else in the government said was impossible. And for the 1st time in my lifetime, a President actually did what he said he would do.

The number of jobs increases, employment goes up and unemployment goes down, wages go up and taxes go down, retirement accounts go up, and people have more money to spend. You would think everyone would be happy, but the globalists and the internationalists weren’t. And if globalists and internationalists weren’t happy, they made sure that Congress and the political class knew it. They were determined to get rid of Trump no matter once, knowing that the GOP would not stand in the way. In fact, the GOP would be happy to see Trump go, even if that meant they had to be the minority party for a while.


Congress, top-level bureaucrats, state governments, both political parties, and usually the President are owned by globalists. Our government doesn’t represent the people, but global business interests. President Trump and the Deplorables upset the way business is done in Washington, DC and both had to be destroyed. The steal may have been orchestrated by Democrats, but the GOP made no effort to stop it.


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