Don’t Let Liberals Get Under Your Skin

  • Biden Replaces Bust of Churchill with Chavez
  • Removes Andrew Jackson Painting from Oval Office
  •  Psaki Claims Trump’s Travel Ban was Muslim Ban
  • Brennan Announces Roundup of Conservatives
  • Saying We Tried to Overthrow the Government
  • 2nd Trump Impeachment
  • Fear Porn in DC
  • Lock-downs
  • Domestic Terrorists
  • Stealing the Election

I could go on for pages with everything the Democrats and their partners in the media are doing to antagonize and anger Trump supporters. Don’t let them get to you. They are doing this purposely to antagonize us and cause high levels of anxiety. They want to provoke a few of us to commit stupid or violent actions, so they can paint all of us as a danger to democracy. 

Just keep smiling and know that they are scared of us. They know we are the majority and getting stronger every day. They know the 2022 midterms will be a disaster for them. That’s why they are in such a hurry to undo as many of President Trump’s accomplishments as they can.

It’s also why they need to find President Trump guilty and bar him from running for President again. They know they can’t steal the 2024 election the way they stole this one, We know what to watch out for and will be ready for their thievery. They know populism is going to be an even a stronger force in 2024 and they think they can destroy us by taking away our leader. But they can’t. If not Trump, someone else will emerge. Our job is to keep the parade going until someone can jump in front of it.

Instead of getting upset, use it as motivation. Motivation to help get our new party going. To win the midterms. To recruit more people to our side. Start right now by making sure your precinct has enough honest people to guarantee a fair election in 2022. Check your city, town, or county for information on how you can become involved in the election process.

Remember, the Democrats are using psyops against us. Defeat them by ignoring them and taking action to beat them in 2022 and 2024. Just as they are trying to undo much of what President Trump accomplished, we will undo the damage Biden has caused. 

Remember, We Are The Good Guys!

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