People Like Me, People Like You

By now, I’m sure you heard the song “Rich Men North of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony. What got under Oliver’s skin anyway?

  • Inflation
  • Decrease in Wage Growth
  • Decrease in Buying Power of Dollar
  • Increase in Suicide Rates
  • Increase in Drug Deaths 
  • And More

It really comes down to the government has screwed things up for the working class and they don’t feel our pain. If you are living on a working man’s or woman’s wages or you’re a senior on a fixed income or you have unexpected bills, the last 3 years have been hell with no prospect the next year will be any better. In fact, next year might be worse because of the possibility of a recession and even more job losses.

In Rich Men North of Richmond, Oliver sings about the problems, not the solutions; but while sitting in his truck, Oliver says we all need to look out for our neighbors. In other words, we can’t sit back and expect the government to suddenly become ethical and responsible, we are going to have to do this ourselves, the way communities used to do it.

What I propose, in keeping with the goal Oliver laid out, is that we form a civic organization in every city and town in the country. Every town used to have an active Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Moose Club, etc.  We need to be the new civic organization that helps stabilize our communities.

Our goal is to help our neighbors without regard to race, ethnicity, or religion.  Whether it is making sure food banks are stocked up, mowing a disabled person’s yard, repairing a window, or giving someone a ride, we try to help out where we can.

Plant a garden and grow extra, raise chickens and share the eggs, buy a couple extra cans next time shopping so you have them to share, etc. I’m sure you can think of many opportunities to help out.

Get your church involved, involve your kids, ask friends and neighbors to help out.  We know the government will not be there to help, so we will step up and do it ourselves.

While not a political organization, there is no reason not to run for office or volunteer for a committee or commission.  Become a partner with your local government and keep them informed of where they need to focus their resources.  And don’t be shy about calling them out if they are failing your community.

It used to be a right of passage for young adults to join the volunteer firemen or volunteer with the PTA, etc.  Many young adults are lacking purpose these days. Ask them to help. You may be doing them a big favor,


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