An Open Letter to Virginia Republican Governor Candidates

I won’t be voting for any of you for Governor and here’s why:

  • Virginia GOP doesn’t allow the people to participate in the nomination of candidates, replacing the primary system with a convention system.
  • Where is your optimistic and inspirational plan for Virginia?
  • You are ignorant if you think recycling old GOP talking points is going to get you elected governor.
  • Where is your plan for urban areas?
  • Where is your plan for recruiting new voters to the Republican Party?
  • Many of you have apparently turned over your web presence to political consultants who want our money but not our opinion.
  • The Virginia GOP has lost election after election and not made any significant changes.
  • The Virginia GOP has lost the majority in both the Virginia House and the Senate.
  • The Virginia GOP has lost US House seats and has not won a US Senate seat since 2001.

Tenets of a Viable 21st Century Conservatism

I have been researching whether conservatism is a philosophy or an ideology and came across a speech by Jordan Peterson that he presented in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada in 2017. Peterson suggests that “conservatism be presented as a manifesto of fundamental values instead of “Thou Shall Not” statements”. Dr. Peterson presents a philosophical view of conservatism rather than the dogma that typically is espoused.

The main benefit I see is these tenets provide us with a positive way to talk about conservatism. Instead of it seeming to younger adults that liberals are for things and conservatives are against things, these tenets of conservatism give us a way to explain conservatism as a positive philosophy based on real-life experiences over hundreds of years.

These are the 12 tenets of conservatism discussed in the presentation:

  1. The fundamental assumptions of Western civilization are valid.
  2. A peaceful social being is preferable to isolation and to war. In consequence, it justly and rightly demands some sacrifice of individual impulse and idiosyncrasy.
  3. Hierarchies of competence are desirable and should be promoted.
  4. Borders are reasonable. Likewise, limits on immigration are reasonable. Furthermore, it should not be assumed that citizens of societies that have not evolved functional individual-rights predicated polities will hold values in keeping with such polities.
  5. People should be paid so that they are able and willing to perform socially useful and desirable duties.
  6. Citizens have the inalienable right to benefit from the result of their own honest labor.
  7. It is more noble to teach young people about responsibilities than about rights.
  8. It is better to do what everyone has always done, unless you have some extraordinarily valid reason to do otherwise.
  9. Radical change should be viewed with suspicion, particularly in a time of radical change.
  10. The government, local and distal, should leave people to their own devices as much as possible.
  11. Intact heterosexual two-parent families constitute the necessary bedrock for a stable polity.
  12. We should judge our political system in comparison to other actual political systems and not to hypothetical utopias.

The one thing I would add to his 12 tenets is this one from Russell Kirk:

  • Permanence and Change must be reconciled in a vigorous society.

I think reconciling change is the biggest weakness of the Republican Party. They are always in reactive mode to the Democrats wanting to change things. We should be changing things that need to be changed, but using a conservative philosophy. We have to be on offense as much as we are on defense.

Are there any tenets you think need to be added?

Founding Fathers

Where Are the Revolutionary Conservative Intellectuals?

The Republican party is a failure and the Conservative movement is leaderless. Why is no one stepping forward? Why are Republicans in Congress not fighting for Conservative or even Republican ideals? Do you believe any of the official Republican leaders such as Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, John Thune, John Barrasso, or Ronna McDaniel are standing up for Conservatives?

This country was founded by brave men of ideas, of intellect, and of principle. Where are our George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams, and Thomas Paine? Are there no Conservatives with intellect, ideas, and principles brave enough to fight the current battle against socialism, progressivism, and tyranny? Are we so weak that we can allow intellectual lightweights like Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden to set the agenda without putting up a fight?

Many of our new conservative members of Congress are brave people of principle who went to Washington to fight for conservative principles, only to be pushed aside by GOP leadership. The media trashed these brave people and GOP leadership never stands up for them or for us.

It is time for a revolution, either within the Republican Party or by the destruction of the Republican Party. It’s only reason for existing is to serve the interests of big money and globalists. McConnell was wiling to lose the 2 Georgia Senate seats rather than allow the 2 candidates to say they supported President Trump. McConnell and Rove lost the Senate to spite Trump. It was obvious to anyone paying attention that Trump supporters were not going to show up in large numbers unless Perdue and Loeffler said loudly and clearly that they supported Trump’s efforts to make sure the election was fair and honest. Evidently they were being told that if they did that it would cost them the election. Talk about GOP leaders and consultants who don’t understand their own base.

The media, the Democrats, Big Tech, and even parts of the government are determined to destroy the conservative movement and the new populist Trump movement. GOP leadership is doing nothing to fight against these unconstitutional actions. News reports say that people who simply entered the Capitol on January 6 are being arrested as if they just killed 20 people and are armed and dangerous. Yet, we also read about people involved in violent protests who are released on bail and later have the charges dropped. We have gone from having a 2 tiered justice system (privileged and everyone else) to a 4 level (privileged, far left, conservative, everyone else).

I don’t see any urgency by GOP leaders to get ready for 2022. I don’t see any urgency in President Trump to provide leadership to his voters. Why isn’t he leading a movement to take over every possible elected office we can? Why isn’t he pushing for us to take over the Republican Party by becoming precinct chairmen?

I wish I was such a person who could help lead this fight, but I’m not. I’m trying to do what I can by building a website that is education, motivational, and actionable. I ask everyone who reads this to find something they can do. It could be as simple as getting one person to vote for a conservative. If enough conservatives did just that one thing, we would win a majority in the House and Senate.

There is one thing I hope you don’t do. There are enough “conservative” websites that are primarily negative stories about the left. While it may get clicks and subscribers, it does little to advance the conservative agenda or win the next election. Do something positive that moves the conservative movement forward. Educate yourself as to what conservatism really means. I recommend The Real Thomas Jefferson which you can pick up used for about $6.50. People say we are the party of Lincoln, but I think we are and should be the party of Jefferson. We are the party of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Trump Speech

President Trump’s CPAC Speech

I was looking forward to this speech, but I have to be honest and admit I was disappointed.  Millions of his supporters were waiting for direction and he failed to provide it.  He could have challenged us to take over the Republican Party at the local level by becoming Precinct Chairmen.  He could have challenged us to run for local office and to run for school boards. He could have asked us to run for state offices and for the US House. He could have asked us to be become poll watchers and poll workers.

While some may have been happy to hear President Trump talk about the 2020 election, I thought it was just old news being rehashed one more time. I was disappointed he had no new news to share, no new research that had been done, no proof to back his statements up. To me, it came across as sour grapes.  If there was any benefit to anything more than a brief comment about the election, I don’t see it.

Attacking Joe Biden and the Biden administration?  Probably a smart move as no one else on the Republican side can command any media time. It will probably only be played on conservative media, but at least he is on record.  It would have been good if he had attacked Biden in a way that Democrats might agree with such as flooding the country with illegal immigrants having an immediate impact on jobs for working class African Americans and further stressing poor school systems.

His speech preached to the choir and maybe that is all it was intended to do. I think it froze everything in place and that was a mistake.  President Trump could have mobilized 5-10 million supporters guaranteeing him control of the Republican Party and being ready for the midterms. I think he lost an opportunity to give an inspirational speech that laid out the conservative agenda for the future. He had a world-wide audience, yet he didn’t take advantage of it.

I guess it’s obvious I’m not a presidential speech writer!



Moral Differences Between Liberals and Conservative

I have been fascinated by the work of Jonathan Haidt on the difference in the moral viewpoints of liberals and conservatives worldwide. Haidt’s work can be found in many online videos and in his book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion.

There are at least 2 areas where this information is extremely helpful:

  • Winning Elections
  • Effectively communicating with liberals.

Moral Foundations Theory

Moral foundations theory is a social psychological theory intended to explain the origins of and variation in human moral reasoning on the basis of innate, modular foundations. wikipedia

The 1st premise of the theory is we are all born with a draft version of morality that is modified by experience. The 2nd is that we react morally, not logically. Let’s take a simple example like brussels sprouts or any food you really dislike.  If someone was to offer you some, you would first have an almost instantaneous feeling of disgust and then you would start coming up with justification for your disgust.  Now imagine that we are all going through life being driven by our moral instinctive behavior, followed by our attempt at justification.

Haidt determined there were 5 pairs of morals that are found in all cultures, to a more or lesser degree:

  • Harm/Care
  • Fairness/Reciprocity
  • Ingroup/Loyalty (Tribes)
  • Authority/Respect
  • Purity/Sanctity

I’m going to include a Ted Talk video where Haidt explains this, but I wanted to first explain a slide he uses in the presentation.

5 Moral Channels
5 Moral Channels

Haidt conducted hundreds of interviews asking people several questions to determine where they fell on the Liberal – Conservative spectrum, the x-axis of the graph, and had them evaluate several stories based on their moral views, the y-axis of the graph.  Notice that Liberals were extremely high on the Harm and Fairness moral channels, but extremely low on the Authority, Ingroup, and Purity channels. Conservatives were almost perfectly balanced among the 5 channels.

One thing not obvious from the graph is that even though both liberals and conservatives react to Harm and Fairness, they view them differently. For example, Liberals view Fairness as it relates to a disadvantaged group, while Conservatives think of Fairness as being proportional.

The first 4 minutes of the video are setting the stage, so keep going.  I think he did it that way because he was talking to a mostly liberal audience.

This is Part 1. I will be adding Part 2 soon.

No hate

What the Hell is Wrong with Conservatives?

This headline is all over the Internet:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raises $1 million for Texans

“Team AOC is launching relief efforts for Texas starting today,” Ocasio-Cortez tweet on Thursday, linking to the fundraising page. “Our first effort is a partnership w/ 5 Texas orgs getting on-the-ground relief to Texans ASAP. If you’re able, please donate here – it’ll split your contribution to all 5.”

Ocasio-Cortez said 100% of donations will go to The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Ending Community Homeless Coalition (ECHO), Family Eldercare, Houston Food Bank and Feeding Texas.

About two hours after tweeting about the fundraiser, she had an update – it had raised $325,000 “for food, housing, elder care & direct relief straight to vulnerable Texans.”  (MSN)

I first saw the story at Breitbart and most of the comments were vile and mean-spirited.  I don’t like what much of the right-wing Internet presence has become.  Whether you like AOC or not, she did a good thing and deserves our appreciation. I haven’t seen any Conservative groups stepping up to raise money. Why didn’t Breitbart take it as a challenge and ask their readers to raise $2 million?

It seems every day I become more disillusioned with my fellow Conservatives.  Hopefully, people who post comments at Breitbart aren’t representative of most Conservatives, because if they are we are in bad shape. I expect commenters on liberal blogs to make nasty and hateful comments, but I expect better from Conservatives.


Be Rush

With the death of Rush Limbaugh, we have lost a great Conservative thinker and leader. While no one person can fill Rush’s shoes, collectively with everyone making their contribution, we can try.

  • Rush was a best-selling author of seven books including 5 Rush Revere children’s books.
  • Rush developed the concept of Conservative talk radio.
  • Rush hosted the #1 radio talk show where he won 5 Marconi Awards and was named to the National Radio Hall of Fame and the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
  • Rush produced the #1 political newsletter, the Limbaugh letter.
  • Rush hosted his annual Cure-A-Thon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America where he raised over $47 million.
  • Rush developed and sold his Betsy Ross t-shirts to raise money for the Tunnels-to-Towers charity (over $5 million donated).
  • Rush was an educator holding classes 15 hours a week at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.
  • Rush was the best political analyst of the last 30 years.
  • Rush hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show, a half-hour nightly TV show that ran from 1992-1996 and was produced by Roger Aisles.
  • Rush was a brilliant humorist and storyteller.
  • Rush was an advisor to Presidents and other political leaders.
  • Rush was a commentator on society.
  • Rush was our close friend and mentor who we never got to meet.

These are just some of Rush’s accomplishments. I’d like to challenge everyone to come up with one thing they can do to carry on Rush’s legacy. Please add your ideas in the comments.



An Idea for New a Political Party

Can a Political Party be Fun?

Parties are supposed to be fun, but has there ever been a political party that was fun? I don’t mean stripper in the tidal basin kind of fun, but fun for party members.

What might make a political party fun?  For one, how about if political leaders didn’t take themselves so seriously? They have serious work to do, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a politician on TV who looked and acted like he or she enjoyed their job? How about if they actually represented the people in their district and not the big lobbyists? What if we the people felt that our representatives were actually our friends and working for us?

What if a political party had no boundaries and everyone was welcome?  Instead of having a right wing way of solving a problem and a left wing way of solving the same problem, we offered the best solution to the problem? 

Take trying to move people out of poverty as an example. The conservative solution is pull yourself up by your bootstraps and the liberal solution is to provide people with financial assistance. Are these the only 2 solutions? Has either succeeded in getting rid of poverty?

The only rule book should be the Constitution.  We need to start doing pilot projects and finding out what works and what doesn’t. We have 50 state laboratories and we will most likely find that what works in one state, doesn’t work in another. Take the $15 minium wage proposal. It makes no sense to have a federal standard for minimum wage. It should be up to each state to set one if they so choose. Having the same minimum wage in NYC and a small town in Arkansas doesn’t make any sense.

I think the new political party should be called The American Funkadelic Party and I already have our theme song.  It’s called Stars by Bootsy Collins and Emi Sunshine. Emi is the young girl that sings much of the song in the video.

Bootsy was interviewed in Rolling Stone and said this about the song:

What exactly did you want to say with the song?
It’s about how people are really the same and we all hurt, and when tragedy strikes, that’s the time we all really come together. We need to try to change that way of thinking and just be together, period. The song kind of says that in a traditional way, “Let’s come together, y’all. It’s time to quit joking now. We all are human beings and we all want to live.” It just feels right; the lyrics feel right. It’s not messing with nobody’s religion. It’s not messing with nobody politically. None of that is necessary. As a matter of fact, it’s better to do without all of that and just talk straight up with people.

What I hope is that this gets you thinking about possibilities.  Instead of just thinking in terms of liberal and conservative, what else could a party be based on? How could we create a political party that is inspirational? How could we create a political party that encourages people to be their best?  How could we create a political party that the majority of the American people would want to be part of?

Covid-19 has been terribly handled by the government – local, state, and federal. The way they have handled it has been destructive, uncaring, and incompetent.   Lives have been destroyed.  Businesses destroyed. Children’s futures have been destroyed. The American people would flock to a new party that offered real hope and a solid plan to return to normalcy.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create the greatest political party the world has ever seen. We take what’s good about Democrats and Republicans and reject everything else. We rethink how we select candidates. Maybe we require they sign a term limit agreement. Maybe we require financial disclosures during the time they are representing us. We have to make sure our representatives represent us, not lobbyists.


How to Become a Precinct Committeeman

What is a Precinct Committeeman?

A city, town, or county is divided into precincts, each consisting of a voting place. When a person casts their vote in person, they go to their local precinct to cast their vote.

Each precinct has at least 1 GOP precinct committeeman. The precinct committeeman represents the GOP in that precinct. All of the precinct committeemen within the city or county (unit) are members of the unit committee. In Virginia, for example, there are 132 unit committees throughout the state. The position of Precinct Committeeman is either elected or appointed.

A precinct committeeman is the grassroots of the Republican Party.  It is also a good place to start for people interested in running for political office.

Responsibilities of a Precinct Committeeman

  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • Distribute Campaign Literature
  • Attend Unit Meetings
  • Assist in Voter Registration
  • Help Elect Republican Candidates
  • Provide Voter Education
  • Vote for Precinct Committee Chairman
  • Other

How to Become a Precinct Committeeman

A precinct committeeman is an elected position. The typical requirements are that you are a registered voter in the precinct for which you want to be a committeeman, you request a committeeman form from the precinct chairman, gather a number of signatures, return the completed form, and then you are voted on for the position. Often these positions are uncontested. If you are applying when an upcoming election is not scheduled, you may be appointed to the position.

For More Information


What’s Wrong with Trump Supporters?

Every time there is a critical vote in Congress that infringes on our Constitutional rights, Trump supporters start posting about “burning up the phone lines”. When was the last time that made any difference? Politicians know that as soon as the next crisis comes along, we will forget about the prior one. Then the next election comes along and we hold our nose and vote for the candidate with R next to their name. Then we complain when the R acts like R’s always do.

Maybe someone organizes a rally and hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people show up. Has that made any difference long term? Then why do we keep doing it and pretending we are doing something? We elected many Tea Party supporting candidates to the House and Senate. How has that worked out for us? Our so-called leaders are telling us to do it again. That it will be different this time.

We seem to have the emotional part down, but where is the thinking part? Where is the planing part? Why is everyone waiting for someone else to lead? Why are we waiting for President Trump to tell us what to do?

Imagine how powerful we would be if we could just win 1 Senate seat with our candidate and our party. Right now, we might be the controlling vote in the Senate with just 1 Senator. What if we had 20 House members, some of whom had defeated Republicans and some Democrats. That might be enough to choose the Speaker and we would be the swing vote on many important bills.

Last night House Republicans votes overwhelmingly (145 to 61) to keep Liz Cheney as Republican House Conference Chair, the 3rd highest position in Republican House leadership. Republican House leadership is Kevin McCarthy as Minority Leader, Steve Scalise as Republican Whip, and Liz Cheney as Republican House Conference Chair. Are any of these people on our side? Are their objectives in any way the same as ours?

I listened to Bannon’s War Room every day for a few weeks after the election, where day after day he assured us “We have the Receipts”, that GA was going to be overturned, that Republicans in AZ were going to take action, the same in PA, MI, and WI. He brought on Republican attorneys who said court cases were going to be won. And most importantly, that on January 20, 2021, President Trump would be sworn in as President.

I haven’t listened to the War Room for a couple of weeks, but I listened yesterday. And I heard Matt Gaetz say they had the votes to remove Liz Chaney. Sure they did.

In Georgia, Loeffler and Perdue refused to say they would fight for Trump and it cost the Republicans 2 Senate seats and control of the Senate. And who was telling these 2 candidates how to campaign? From all indications, it was Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell. The GOP priority was to distance themselves from Trump, not keep control of the Senate. The day before the election Loeffler finally said she would fight for Trump and Perdue waited until the actual morning of the election. Thousands of Trump supporters stayed home and I don’t blame them.

We hear people like Dan Bongino lecture us on why we have to remain in the Republican Party. No offense Dan, but if you are that great a strategist, why are you 0 for 2? Why haven’t Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, Beck, etc. sent out investigators to find out what really happened in the contested states. Why haven’t they sent investigators out to find out what really happened on Jan 6 and why?

Why is Conservative news media not doing any investigative stories? We have access to arrest records. Why are no Conservative journalists going out and interviewing the people that stormed the Capitol people and finding out what their motivation was? Who organized it or was it really spontaneous? Or are we going to just let the left-wing media do the interviews and write their slanted stories?

We have a critical election in 2022. 435 members of Congress and 34 Senate seats are up for election. On the Senate side, 20 are Republicans and 14 are Democrats.

That means there is less than a year to find and select candidates and raise millions of dollars. Are we doing that? No. We make comments and chant slogans at rallies.

We are going to get exactly what we deserve – another 2 years of the Democrats controlling the House, the Senate, and the Executive branch, and Republicans going along with them and disappointing us over and over again.

It’s time for the average Joe and Mary to step up. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Look around and find something you are uniquely qualified to do and do it. There are hundreds of thousands of small business owners who need help, who have been abused by both Republicans and Democrats. Bring them into our movement. Same with all the mothers and fathers who have been let down by our public schools. Bring them into our movement. The way Democrat governors and even some Republican governors have handled the Covid-19 crisis has angered millions of Americans. Invite them to join us. I bet we could win some Congressional seats in blue states with the right candidates.

We don’t want haters. We don’t want bigots. We don’t want racists. Let the Republican and Democrat parties have them. We want Americans who are willing to reach out in friendship and to offer a helping hand up when needed. We need to include everyone who shares our values, even if it’s not 100%..

If we only get 60% of what we want, that is 60% better than what we are getting right now. With 60% we can start building toward 70% and 80%. That was Reagan’s strategy.

No one wants to hear this, but if we want to create a party that is a big tent and can win for decades to come, it must be a center-right party, not a right wing party. That doesn’t mean giving up our principles, but it does mean we get a lot better at communicating so that we can attract a much wider audience. Then we win the same way all great teams win:

  • Teamwork
  • Great Players (Candidates)
  • Great Coaches (Campaign Managers and Staff)
  • Preparation
  • Hard Work