Don’t Let Liberals Get Under Your Skin

  • Biden Replaces Bust of Churchill with Chavez
  • Removes Andrew Jackson Painting from Oval Office
  •  Psaki Claims Trump’s Travel Ban was Muslim Ban
  • Brennan Announces Roundup of Conservatives
  • Saying We Tried to Overthrow the Government
  • 2nd Trump Impeachment
  • Fear Porn in DC
  • Lock-downs
  • Domestic Terrorists
  • Stealing the Election

I could go on for pages with everything the Democrats and their partners in the media are doing to antagonize and anger Trump supporters. Don’t let them get to you. They are doing this purposely to antagonize us and cause high levels of anxiety. They want to provoke a few of us to commit stupid or violent actions, so they can paint all of us as a danger to democracy. 

Just keep smiling and know that they are scared of us. They know we are the majority and getting stronger every day. They know the 2022 midterms will be a disaster for them. That’s why they are in such a hurry to undo as many of President Trump’s accomplishments as they can.

It’s also why they need to find President Trump guilty and bar him from running for President again. They know they can’t steal the 2024 election the way they stole this one, We know what to watch out for and will be ready for their thievery. They know populism is going to be an even a stronger force in 2024 and they think they can destroy us by taking away our leader. But they can’t. If not Trump, someone else will emerge. Our job is to keep the parade going until someone can jump in front of it.

Instead of getting upset, use it as motivation. Motivation to help get our new party going. To win the midterms. To recruit more people to our side. Start right now by making sure your precinct has enough honest people to guarantee a fair election in 2022. Check your city, town, or county for information on how you can become involved in the election process.

Remember, the Democrats are using psyops against us. Defeat them by ignoring them and taking action to beat them in 2022 and 2024. Just as they are trying to undo much of what President Trump accomplished, we will undo the damage Biden has caused. 

Remember, We Are The Good Guys!

We Have Them On The Run


I just had an eureka moment. I have been doing a lot of reading trying to understand what is going on and why. I couldn’t understand why social media companies were banning conservatives. On the surface, it is a really stupid business move.

I think I figured it out.

Right wing populism is a danger to the Republican party, to the Democrat party, and to GLOBALISM. They have to stomp it out before it gets any stronger. That explains why they stole the election, why we can’t discuss stealing the election, why Trump has to become a non-person, and why we have to be banned from social media to prevent us from further contaminating the American people.

It also explains why Fauci and company refused to explore any Covid-19 treatments, why we had lock-downs that didn’t work, why they were willing to destroy small businesses, and why social media banned discussing any treatments for Covid-19 not supported by WHO or CDC. Just think if Ivermectin had been approved for emergency use 4 months ago. Trump would have been a hero. They were willing to trade the lives of our elderly for getting Trump out of office.

Even though it may not seem like it, we have them on the run. Keep recruiting people to our side, especially the business owners being crushed by Covid-19 lock-downs.

Republican Leaders Cower


The New Republican Mascot

In times of crisis, you find out who the real leaders are. Our Republican leadership are cowards who care nothing about truth and justice. As long as they are not the ones being threatened, they just go along to get along.

At this point in time, whether the election was stolen or not is almost a moot point. What is important is that the majority of Republican voters believe it was and our political leaders caved to political and media pressure. Many actually sided with the Democrats.

Some Republican voters still believe it is possible to reform the Republican Party.


Here’s why. Politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, get most of the money, including dark money, for their campaigns from big donors. Politicians don’t represent us, they represent special interests. It doesn’t take newly elected officials long to figure this out. If they don’t fall in line, they don’t get the better committee assignments and leadership gets tight with election funds, they don’t get their share of pork to brag about to their constituents. Most fall in line quickly after leadership explains life in Washington to them.

Here’s what happened in GA and you can guess why Loeffler and Perdue were reluctant to “Fight for Trump”. They were being bought and paid for by special interests who wanted Trump out.

The Georgia Battleground Fund — the joint fundraising committee fueling the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the campaigns of Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — has already deposited $31 million after three weeks of activity, according to a memo this week from Karl Rove, the veteran GOP operative leading the effort. The effort is sending Loeffler and Perdue as much money in weeks as some GOP senators raise in months — a necessary boost for their campaigns as Democrats outspend them in Georgia.

Rove wrote in the memo that his committee had increased its initial fundraising goal by about 20 percent, to nearly $43 million in total. That would require the committee to raise roughly $2.4 million per week in the run-up to the Jan. 5 races.  politico

All of these calls we have been making really don’t make that much difference. The next election is almost 2 years away and there will be some new crisis to get us all fired up to vote for Republicans by then. They are masters at doing whatever they want, lying about it, and then being on the straight and narrow for 3 or 4 months leading up to the election.

 Republican politicians could win this fight. Free speech, a free press, freedom to associate, religious freedom, gun rights, etc. The Democrats are restricting our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights and the case should be made that this is a threat to all Americans. Well over 50% of the American people would agree with Republicans if they just had the integrity and courage to stand on the Capital steps and say it.

Is there a single Republican Senator with a backbone? Are they going to let the Democrats continue to persecute Trump supporters? I think we know the answer.

My Post Created a Problem: What I Did and What I Should Have Done

Yesterday, I posted something on a popular Conservative website that invoked a very strong negative response. The more I posted, the worse it got. This was a learning experience for me and I would like to share what happened with others so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

In the discussion, I will use My Post for what I posted to the forum and Response to indicate the response to my post from someone else.  This is not word for word, but an approximation of the posts.

My Post: I think it would be great if many of us sent condolences cards to the families of the five people who died from the violence at the Capitol.

Response: “one woman was shot by Capitol security and the other 3 died of natural causes. The security officer died from a stroke and it wasn’t caused by an injury.”

My 2nd Post: Don’t let hate get in the way of doing the right thing.

So what did I do wrong so far:

  • I didn’t lay the groundwork for my initial post. I didn’t explain the reasons why I thought it was a good idea. I didn’t stop to think what other’s objections might be and address them in my initial post.
  • My 2nd post was totally out of line. I assumed that hate was the problem, when hate was not used by the other person. I felt I needed to defend my original post as a good idea and that they just hadn’t realized it yet. My response was combative.
  • As soon as I saw the initial push-back, I should have decided what I wanted from the post. Did I want to try to win, did I just want to float an idea, did I want to persuade people to my point of view, what was the likelihood I could persuade people and was it worth the time and effort, etc?
  • The best thing would have been for me to walk away from the thread and let it die. If some people thought it was a good idea, fine, but arguing wasn’t going to persuade anyone.

My 3rd Post: My understanding is the unarmed woman was shot by a Capitol security officer, one man died from a heart attack, one died from a stroke, and the other woman was crushed by the crowd. The Security Officer, according to reports, was injured by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and later died from a stroke caused by the injury.

Responses: What’s your source? Three of them died of natural causes, the security officer didn’t get hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. You must be a troll. You think like a Democrat.

My 4th Post: Would the 3 people that died of natural causes have died if they didn’t attend the Trump protest?  There is video of a security officer being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and according to reports, that was the officer who later died of a stroke from the injury. That Officer also happened to be a Trump supporter.

What did I do wrong this time?

  • At this point, I was getting very frustrated. I had looked everything up just before posting to make sure what I had learned on the prior days was still the most current status. I felt like I was arguing with several people that appeared to believe every conspiratorial report out there.
  • But I argued with them anyway. There was no attempt on either side to make sure we got to the truth. There was my truth and there was their truth. There was no attempt to find common ground.

This went on for over 50 posts and responses. It doesn’t serve any purpose to post any more of the back and forth – it was just more of the same.

Lessons Learned

I just read “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it” by Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator. The book teaches the psychological methods the FBI uses to free hostages. These methods also apply to business and personal negotiations.

I didn’t follow a single tactic taught in the book. I violated every one of them. Here are a few examples.

Example 1: My 2nd Post: Don’t let hate get in the way of doing the right thing.

  • I used the wrong tone and the wrong words.
  • I mislabeled the emotion involved and used it in the wrong way. I should have written something like”
  • It seems you are very angry. Is that right?
  • I acknowledge the emotion without being accusatory. I invited the other person to respond and give me more information about their objection. If I had mislabeled their emotion, they had the opportunity to correct me and label the emotion themselves.

Example 2: Now that the emotion has been labeled and agreed to by the other person, I can continue at diffusing the emotion.

  • I already used labeling which is the 1st step in addressing emotional obstacles.
  • My response didn’t use the word I and it disrupted the emotion.
  • I phrased it as a question so the other person responds by either saying “That’s Right” or labels the emotion.
  • If they labeled the emotion as feeling threatened, I would repeat the question like this:

Is it right then to say that you are feeling threatened by everything that has happened?

  • What I am doing is making sure we get the right label on the emotion and then trying to diffuse it.
  • This also creates empathy and shows the other person I care about what they think and feel.

Example 3: My 3rd Post: My understanding is the unarmed woman was shot by a Capitol security officer, one man died from a heart attack, one died from a stroke, and the other woman was crushed by the crowd. The Security Officer, according to reports, was injured by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and later died from a stroke caused by the injury.

  • I hadn’t got emotion out of the way.
  • I hadn’t established rapport.
  • I hadn’t reduced the threat.
  • I hadn’t imagined the question from the point of view of the other person
  • I didn’t show any appreciation or understanding to the other person


Now more than ever, we need to bring people over to our side. We have no choice but to suffer through 2 years of Democrat controlled government. To change that in 2022, we need so many people on our side that there can be no question about who won. Of course we also need to be working at the state and local level to ensure election reform is implemented.

We all have tried to win an argument with a liberal and almost always failed. I think that if we use the tactics in this book, we can be much more successful.

We can also use these tactics in our posts, in Parler or Gab, with our families, within our businesses, anywhere you communicate with someone else. The objective of the book is how to overcome obstacles the other person has that prevents them from reaching a satisfactory negotiated agreement (in your favor).

I encourage everyone to read this book. It is a fairly quick read and has some good real life stories.

“Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it” by Chris Voss


Free Speech

Free Speech Site

“Individuals are pressured to conform to the customs, beliefs, opinions, and attitudes accepted by the majority.”

John Stuart Mills 1859

From the censorship of Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the other members of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), to the political correctness of the left, we see things we thought would never happen in the United States. After all, our Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Associate, Freedom of Religion, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. 

Now we see so-called news organizations banding together to censure news and opinion.

The Trusted News (TNI) Initiative partners will continue to work together to ensure legitimate concerns about future vaccinations are heard whilst harmful disinformation myths are stopped in their tracks.”

— Tim Davie, Director-General

Here’s a more complete description of TNI and their goal to stifle free speech.

The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was set up last year to protect audiences and users from disinformation, particularly around moments of jeopardy, such as elections. The TNI complements existing programmes partners have in place.

The partners currently within the TNI are: AP, AFP; BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU),Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft , Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post.

The TNI cooperative framework has been jointly developed amongst partners, and relates to only the most serious disinformation, which threatens life or the integrity of the electoral process. This is entirely separate from and does not in any way affect the editorial stance of any partner organisation.

Here’s what we can do, but I need some help. I propose that we start posting on our sites we are not part of TNI and we support free speech. That way, as soon as you land on a site, you can see if it supports free speech.

Where I need help is my icon sucks. If someone could design a better one that would be great. If this catches on, we would need to create a policy for exactly what a free speech site is and isn’t. 


Why January 6, 2021 Happened

During a peaceful rally in Washington, DC, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters protested what they believed to be fraudulent election results. After the speech by President Trump, the crowd began to march from the White House Ellipse and surrounding areas to the Capitol Building where Congress was getting ready to start counting the electoral votes. Once they arrived at the Capitol, protestors were able to enter the building with little resistance from Capitol security.  I will leave it to those that were there to provide a true reporting of what happened inside the Capitol.

One woman was shot by security and 3 others died from “medical emergencies”. Fifty-two people were arrested.

Why did this happen? What caused millions of Americans to be so upset with their government that it resulted in a mob assaulting the Capitol? Why did people who believe strongly in the Constitution and the rule of law, who respect and support law enforcement and the military, and who consider themselves to be Patriots, attack the symbol of US self government?

There is both a simple answer and a complicated answer.

Simple Answer

The simple answer is the government, including the court system, the US Congress, state legislatures, governors, mayors, and politicians in general, refused to respond to the concerns of a large segment, possibly a majority, of the citizenry commonly referred to as the “Deplorables”. The Deplorables had already sent thousands of emails, made thousands of phone calls, wrote their representatives in Congress, and held several rallies, both at state capitals and in Washington, DC.

But still, the courts, including the Supreme Court, refused to act. 2020 election results were certified even when some level of fraud had obviously occurred. State legislators hid from their constituents and told their staff to not answer the phone. What options were left?

State legislators, governors, the courts, Congress, ALL refused to get involved. Why couldn’t they hold hearings? Why couldn’t a single court rule on the evidence? Why didn’t states authorize an audit rather than simply recounting the votes, which included the suspected fraudulent votes? Why did the Supreme Court duck one of the biggest cases ever before them when a fair and honest hearing could have resolved the issue.

For some, the answer was to attend the rally in Washington, DC on January 6, listen to the speakers, and then march to the Capitol to demand that Congress listen to their concerns. When they arrived at the Capitol, security was minimal and, swept up in the moment, they stormed into the building.

In the heat of the moment, what seemed like a good idea to some, resulted in the loss of 4 lives and lost most of the support we did have in Congress.

Complicated Answer

The complicated answer starts with the fact that populist movements are a threat to both political parties. Since President Trump was a populist, he was also a threat to both political parties.

Political parties and politicians don’t get their money from the voters but from huge corporations. A populist movement and huge corporations (big banks, big tech, big education, big healthcare, big insurance, etc.) have diametrically opposing goals.

When the government becomes too big, too overburdening, too controlled by big business interests, and when the “common” man and woman start seeing their lives get worse, populism springs up. A combination of economic and social conditions occur which creates anxiety and economic stress in the working class, then a charismatic leader comes along who champions the plight of the working class, and a populist movement is born.

In our recent lifetime, we saw these charismatic leaders champion populist causes: Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. We saw The Tea Party and now “The Deplorables” form spontaneously because of economic and social stresses experienced by the working class.

Each of these populist movements was attacked by the uni-party. It makes no difference if the populist movement is left or right, the uni-party will try to destroy it. They might try to make it look like the Democrats are trying to destroy the right-wing populist movement and Republicans destroy the left-wing populist movement, but that is just for show. One party takes action and the other acquiesces. That’s why no one in the Obama administration was punished for any actions against the Tea Party.

Here are some of the techniques the uni-party uses to attack a populist movement or leader.

  • Label as Racist
  • label as Anti-Immigrant
  • Label as Islamophobic
  • Label as Xenophobic
  • Destroy the Charismatic Leader
  • IRS Investigation
  • Censoring Information on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
  • Attack Credibility of Leaders
  • Opposition Research
  • DOJ Legal Actions
  • Destroy Moral by Doing Opposite of What is Demanded
  • Attack Leader’s Family
  • Use Former Employees to Attack
  • Use Former Government Officials to Attack

Now let’s focus on the big globalist businesses and the role they play. Globalist businesses want 4 things:

  • Cheap Labor
  • Open Borders
  • Laissez-Faire Capitalism
  • Access to China

This is really what the fight is about. Globalist businesses want to be able to locate their factories wherever they can get the cheapest labor with minimal government regulation. They need open borders because they need people to freely migrate to wherever the jobs are located. And of course, they want access to the China market.

The only way they can make this happen is to own the political class. They could care less about which party is in power, as long as they get what they want.

If globalists get what they want, then what happens to the working class?

As jobs move offshore, the working-class experiences:

  • Wage Suppression
  • Loss of Good Local Jobs
  • Lower Standard of Living

The working class starts suffering economic problems and looks around to see what has changed. The textile plants closed several years ago and those high paying jobs are gone. The jobs available now pay only a fraction of what the old jobs paid, yet the cost of living has increased. Main street is deserted as small businesses are driven out of business by Walmart and the big box stores. The local grocery closed because it couldn’t compete with Walmart’s prices. Many of the kids leave the area upon graduation because there aren’t good jobs with a future in the area.

The government resettles immigrants in the area who compete for the few jobs available. Illegal immigrants start taking jobs in construction and lawn maintenance at lower salaries. Local people start to blame immigrants for their economic problems creating tensions in the community.

Property values decrease, tax revenue decrease, schools have to offer classes for non-English speaking students, more people are unemployed and turn to drugs or alcohol, the entire community starts to go downhill.

The people look to their local government who is unable to help. They talk to their state government who offers little help. They talk to their US Representative who offers no help.

They are told they need to retrain for new tech jobs, but these jobs don’t even exist in their community. Is it even practical for someone in their 40’s or 50’s to spend a year or 2 preparing for a new career and then competing with 20 somethings for a job, plus relocate for the job? Who would you hire for an entry-level position?

Along comes Donald Trump who says he will bring jobs back to the US, will secure our borders, will limit immigration to those with needed skills, will get us out of foreign wars, will negotiate better trade deals, and will stop China from getting rich at our expense. Exactly what everyone else in the government said was impossible. And for the 1st time in my lifetime, a President actually did what he said he would do.

The number of jobs increases, employment goes up and unemployment goes down, wages go up and taxes go down, retirement accounts go up, and people have more money to spend. You would think everyone would be happy, but the globalists and the internationalists weren’t. And if globalists and internationalists weren’t happy, they made sure that Congress and the political class knew it. They were determined to get rid of Trump no matter once, knowing that the GOP would not stand in the way. In fact, the GOP would be happy to see Trump go, even if that meant they had to be the minority party for a while.


Congress, top-level bureaucrats, state governments, both political parties, and usually the President are owned by globalists. Our government doesn’t represent the people, but global business interests. President Trump and the Deplorables upset the way business is done in Washington, DC and both had to be destroyed. The steal may have been orchestrated by Democrats, but the GOP made no effort to stop it.


Home Town Conservatives

I have beIdeaen trying to come up with an idea that could improve the image of Conservatism in large cities and small, in urban states and rural states, in towns and in the suburbs, and in rural areas all across the country. It’s unfortunate, but Covid-19 has shown everyone how incompetent and dictatorial many Democrat mayors and governors are. Let’s demonstrate a better way. Let’s show people how Conservatives address problems by taking independent local action, not by waiting on government to tell us what we can and can’t do. Here’s what I came up with.

Smallville ConservativesGet your family or a few friends together and decide what you can do to make your community better. Buy some T-shirts and make up your own logo. Maybe name it something like Smallville Conservatives or whatever your town, city, community is called.  Get some PR from newspapers, radio, or just post an announcement at the grocery store and invite others to participate.

I have a few ideas that might work, but you can probably come up with much better ideas.  Feel free to share them here.

Many small businesses have been crushed by the big box stores. Those that figured out how to survive, now are being crushed by Covid-19 lock-downs and people who just feel safer buying online or eating at home.

Keep your local businesses open. Organize and publicize a weekly buy local day. Ask everyone in town to buy from a local business at least once a week and keep reminding them weekly. I bet a local radio station would love to partner with you. Maybe they could have a small business of the week or even better, a small business of the day.

chefIf you are still working in an office with other people, you could partner with a few restaurants and have them cater lunch once a week.  Spread the idea to other local companies. Order out for your family once a week and try the food from different restaurants. Share the idea with friends, neighbors, and at church.

Food BankThere are likely many people in your community having trouble feeding their families. Organize a food drive in your neighborhood. Donate the food directly to a family in need, to your church, to a food bank, etc. Again, don’t be shy about getting publicity.

Farmer's MarketBuy fresh food at your local farmer’s market or a fruit and vegetable stand at local farms.  Keeping your money local helps the entire community.

HandDemonstrate to the people in your community that Conservatism offers both a welcoming hand and a helping hand up. Reach out to all in your community to participate regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity. Don’t tell them what Conservatism is, show them!

NewspaperBuy a local newspaper and look for problems where you can help.   Ask your kids to look for articles and come up with ideas. Call the author of the newspaper article and ask how you can help.  That will make for a great follow-up story for the newspaper after you help out.

RepairOrganize a cleanup day or volunteer to help a homeowner with needed repairs.  Often times you can get some or all of the needed supplies donated. Or you could volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or you could join a city-sponsored cleanup.  Wear your shirts. Take pictures and use social media.

Think of what we could accomplish if we did this all across the US.


“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington

Conservative Action Center was created as part of the “Stop the Steal” movement in 2020.

We thought all we had to do was show up in large numbers and vote for President Trump – and we did.  When only the votes of real voters who actually voted are counted, President Trump won in a landslide, but the Republican Party failed us once again. They knew for months that the Democrats were going to use mail-in ballots to try to steal the election, yet they did nothing to prevent it. And when it did happen, they still did nothing.

If we want a fair election in 2022, 2024, and beyond, we have to take control –  either of the Republican Party or in a new Party. We do that by being more knowledgeable, more motivated, and taking decisive action. That’s why the Conservative Action Center was created.

To fight back and win in 2022 and beyond we must take action. Action is first based on knowledge and motivation, and then on an action plan. The Library section is being built to provide knowledge, the Motivation section for ideas on how to motivate ourselves and how to motivate others, and the Action Plan section for blueprints for action.

Thanks for stopping by and please check out the site. New information will be published regularly.