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I have beIdeaen trying to come up with an idea that could improve the image of Conservatism in large cities and small, in urban states and rural states, in towns and in the suburbs, and in rural areas all across the country. It’s unfortunate, but Covid-19 has shown everyone how incompetent and dictatorial many Democrat mayors and governors are. Let’s demonstrate a better way. Let’s show people how Conservatives address problems by taking independent local action, not by waiting on government to tell us what we can and can’t do. Here’s what I came up with.

Smallville ConservativesGet your family or a few friends together and decide what you can do to make your community better. Buy some T-shirts and make up your own logo. Maybe name it something like Smallville Conservatives or whatever your town, city, community is called.  Get some PR from newspapers, radio, or just post an announcement at the grocery store and invite others to participate.

I have a few ideas that might work, but you can probably come up with much better ideas.  Feel free to share them here.

Many small businesses have been crushed by the big box stores. Those that figured out how to survive, now are being crushed by Covid-19 lock-downs and people who just feel safer buying online or eating at home.

Keep your local businesses open. Organize and publicize a weekly buy local day. Ask everyone in town to buy from a local business at least once a week and keep reminding them weekly. I bet a local radio station would love to partner with you. Maybe they could have a small business of the week or even better, a small business of the day.

chefIf you are still working in an office with other people, you could partner with a few restaurants and have them cater lunch once a week.  Spread the idea to other local companies. Order out for your family once a week and try the food from different restaurants. Share the idea with friends, neighbors, and at church.

Food BankThere are likely many people in your community having trouble feeding their families. Organize a food drive in your neighborhood. Donate the food directly to a family in need, to your church, to a food bank, etc. Again, don’t be shy about getting publicity.

Farmer's MarketBuy fresh food at your local farmer’s market or a fruit and vegetable stand at local farms.  Keeping your money local helps the entire community.

HandDemonstrate to the people in your community that Conservatism offers both a welcoming hand and a helping hand up. Reach out to all in your community to participate regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity. Don’t tell them what Conservatism is, show them!

NewspaperBuy a local newspaper and look for problems where you can help.   Ask your kids to look for articles and come up with ideas. Call the author of the newspaper article and ask how you can help.  That will make for a great follow-up story for the newspaper after you help out.

RepairOrganize a cleanup day or volunteer to help a homeowner with needed repairs.  Often times you can get some or all of the needed supplies donated. Or you could volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or you could join a city-sponsored cleanup.  Wear your shirts. Take pictures and use social media.

Think of what we could accomplish if we did this all across the US.

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