Time to Set the Republican Party Straight

The Republican Party has largely abandoned President Trump and some members are even openly attacking him. It’s time we put a stop to it.  According to a new report, some Senate Republicans are trying to have a secret vote for the impeachment trial. In other words, they want to vote President Trump is guilty, but hide the fact that they entered a guilty vote from their constituents.

I think I have a solution. We start a petition that has one simple statement.

We, the undersigned, will not vote for a single Republican Congressman or Senator in the 2022 election if a single Republican Senator votes to find President Trump guilty, abstains from voting, or is not present to vote.

We need at least a million signatures in a week. We need someone with influence to get behind this and get the word out.  If the Republican party really wants us gone from the Party, this will make it clear.

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