Be Rush

With the death of Rush Limbaugh, we have lost a great Conservative thinker and leader. While no one person can fill Rush’s shoes, collectively with everyone making their contribution, we can try.

  • Rush was a best-selling author of seven books including 5 Rush Revere children’s books.
  • Rush developed the concept of Conservative talk radio.
  • Rush hosted the #1 radio talk show where he won 5 Marconi Awards and was named to the National Radio Hall of Fame and the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
  • Rush produced the #1 political newsletter, the Limbaugh letter.
  • Rush hosted his annual Cure-A-Thon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America where he raised over $47 million.
  • Rush developed and sold his Betsy Ross t-shirts to raise money for the Tunnels-to-Towers charity (over $5 million donated).
  • Rush was an educator holding classes 15 hours a week at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.
  • Rush was the best political analyst of the last 30 years.
  • Rush hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show, a half-hour nightly TV show that ran from 1992-1996 and was produced by Roger Aisles.
  • Rush was a brilliant humorist and storyteller.
  • Rush was an advisor to Presidents and other political leaders.
  • Rush was a commentator on society.
  • Rush was our close friend and mentor who we never got to meet.

These are just some of Rush’s accomplishments. I’d like to challenge everyone to come up with one thing they can do to carry on Rush’s legacy. Please add your ideas in the comments.


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