An Open Letter to Virginia Republican Governor Candidates

I won’t be voting for any of you for Governor and here’s why:

  • Virginia GOP doesn’t allow the people to participate in the nomination of candidates, replacing the primary system with a convention system.
  • Where is your optimistic and inspirational plan for Virginia?
  • You are ignorant if you think recycling old GOP talking points is going to get you elected governor.
  • Where is your plan for urban areas?
  • Where is your plan for recruiting new voters to the Republican Party?
  • Many of you have apparently turned over your web presence to political consultants who want our money but not our opinion.
  • The Virginia GOP has lost election after election and not made any significant changes.
  • The Virginia GOP has lost the majority in both the Virginia House and the Senate.
  • The Virginia GOP has lost US House seats and has not won a US Senate seat since 2001.

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