Message I Just Sent Sen Ted Cruz

On June 15th, the Senate unanimously passed a bill to establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday. On June 16th, the House passed the bill 415 to 14, with 14 Republicans voting No. As I am in a state with 2 Democrat Senators, I sent this to Sen. Ted Cruz who is supposed to be Mr. Constitution. I chose to send a short message, as I was limited to filling in a form.

I find it insulting that the Senate passed Juneteenth as a federal holiday for several reasons, the main being the Democrats will use it not for its intended purpose, but to attack conservatives. It will be used to celebrate the North beating the South. It will be used as a day to blame Conservatives for every evil there is. It will not be celebrated with joy, but with anger.

Do you have any concept of how many days off the average government worker gets a year? They already get more vacation and more holidays than most workers, and now you see fit to give them one more day off. You are supposed to protect us from stupid stuff like this.

If people were really serious about honoring the end of slavery, it would have been appropriate to do it by making Constitution Day a national holiday. The 13th Amendment ended slavery, not some announcement made in Texas at the end of the Civil War.

Constitution Day is something ALL Americans could feel pride in.

What happens to Republicans when they are in DC for a few years? They seem to lose all their common sense.

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