No hate

What the Hell is Wrong with Conservatives?

This headline is all over the Internet:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raises $1 million for Texans

“Team AOC is launching relief efforts for Texas starting today,” Ocasio-Cortez tweet on Thursday, linking to the fundraising page. “Our first effort is a partnership w/ 5 Texas orgs getting on-the-ground relief to Texans ASAP. If you’re able, please donate here – it’ll split your contribution to all 5.”

Ocasio-Cortez said 100% of donations will go to The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, Ending Community Homeless Coalition (ECHO), Family Eldercare, Houston Food Bank and Feeding Texas.

About two hours after tweeting about the fundraiser, she had an update – it had raised $325,000 “for food, housing, elder care & direct relief straight to vulnerable Texans.”  (MSN)

I first saw the story at Breitbart and most of the comments were vile and mean-spirited.  I don’t like what much of the right-wing Internet presence has become.  Whether you like AOC or not, she did a good thing and deserves our appreciation. I haven’t seen any Conservative groups stepping up to raise money. Why didn’t Breitbart take it as a challenge and ask their readers to raise $2 million?

It seems every day I become more disillusioned with my fellow Conservatives.  Hopefully, people who post comments at Breitbart aren’t representative of most Conservatives, because if they are we are in bad shape. I expect commenters on liberal blogs to make nasty and hateful comments, but I expect better from Conservatives.