Message to MY Representative – Bob Good

Did you know a federal employee with just 3 years of service earns 19 1/2 days of vacation a year? Plus they get another 10 paid holidays. Out of approximately 220 working days, they get almost 30 days off or looked at another way, out of 12 months, they get about 1 1/2 months off. Yet, you determined it was appropriate to reward them with one more day and we, the taxpayers, get to pay for this stupidity.

About Juneteenth. it is a made-up holiday over something that was rather meaningless. The actual end of slavery was the 13th Amendment. You were played by the Democrats one more time. Juneteenth will be a celebration of the North defeating the South. Juneteenth will be a time when liberals proclaim there is much more to be done. Juneteenth will also be a day of anger and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t become a day of rioting. It is a day that divides the country, not heals it. It is a day of appeasement.

There was an obvious solution to anyone who actually thought this through and that was to celebrate Constitution Day. The 13th Amendment ended slavery, not some announcement in Texas. When celebrating the Constitution, everyone can have their favorite part. Some might focus on the Bill of Rights, some on the 13th Amendment, and some on the entirety of the Constitution. This is obviously a better solution and one the entire country could have embraced. On top of that, it was a good political move.

But still, there was absolutely no reason to make it a federal holiday. I also think instead of having holidays named for a particular American, we should have an American heroes day and celebrate them all on the same day. There is nothing sacred in a birthday. This way we could shrink the number of federal holidays down to never exceed 10.