An Idea for New a Political Party

Can a Political Party be Fun?

Parties are supposed to be fun, but has there ever been a political party that was fun? I don’t mean stripper in the tidal basin kind of fun, but fun for party members.

What might make a political party fun?  For one, how about if political leaders didn’t take themselves so seriously? They have serious work to do, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a politician on TV who looked and acted like he or she enjoyed their job? How about if they actually represented the people in their district and not the big lobbyists? What if we the people felt that our representatives were actually our friends and working for us?

What if a political party had no boundaries and everyone was welcome?  Instead of having a right wing way of solving a problem and a left wing way of solving the same problem, we offered the best solution to the problem? 

Take trying to move people out of poverty as an example. The conservative solution is pull yourself up by your bootstraps and the liberal solution is to provide people with financial assistance. Are these the only 2 solutions? Has either succeeded in getting rid of poverty?

The only rule book should be the Constitution.  We need to start doing pilot projects and finding out what works and what doesn’t. We have 50 state laboratories and we will most likely find that what works in one state, doesn’t work in another. Take the $15 minium wage proposal. It makes no sense to have a federal standard for minimum wage. It should be up to each state to set one if they so choose. Having the same minimum wage in NYC and a small town in Arkansas doesn’t make any sense.

I think the new political party should be called The American Funkadelic Party and I already have our theme song.  It’s called Stars by Bootsy Collins and Emi Sunshine. Emi is the young girl that sings much of the song in the video.

Bootsy was interviewed in Rolling Stone and said this about the song:

What exactly did you want to say with the song?
It’s about how people are really the same and we all hurt, and when tragedy strikes, that’s the time we all really come together. We need to try to change that way of thinking and just be together, period. The song kind of says that in a traditional way, “Let’s come together, y’all. It’s time to quit joking now. We all are human beings and we all want to live.” It just feels right; the lyrics feel right. It’s not messing with nobody’s religion. It’s not messing with nobody politically. None of that is necessary. As a matter of fact, it’s better to do without all of that and just talk straight up with people.

What I hope is that this gets you thinking about possibilities.  Instead of just thinking in terms of liberal and conservative, what else could a party be based on? How could we create a political party that is inspirational? How could we create a political party that encourages people to be their best?  How could we create a political party that the majority of the American people would want to be part of?

Covid-19 has been terribly handled by the government – local, state, and federal. The way they have handled it has been destructive, uncaring, and incompetent.   Lives have been destroyed.  Businesses destroyed. Children’s futures have been destroyed. The American people would flock to a new party that offered real hope and a solid plan to return to normalcy.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create the greatest political party the world has ever seen. We take what’s good about Democrats and Republicans and reject everything else. We rethink how we select candidates. Maybe we require they sign a term limit agreement. Maybe we require financial disclosures during the time they are representing us. We have to make sure our representatives represent us, not lobbyists.


The Patriot Party?

Emotions are running high and many Trump supporters are talking about creating a new political party – the Patriot Party. In my opinion, this is political suicide – not starting a new party, but calling it the Patriot Party.

If we want to win, which I assume is the objective, we have to be a more inclusive party. Simple being  a subset of the Republican Party means the Democrats have an open field in front of them. All Democrats have to do is pick up half of the independent vote and they will win every election. 

Around a third of registered voters in the U.S. (34%) identify as independents, while 33% identify as Democrats and 29% identify as Republicans, according to a Center analysis of Americans’ partisan identification based on surveys of more than 12,000 registered voters in 2018 and 2019. Pew Research

The logical thing to do is move more toward the center, not the right.  We need to pick up the majority of the Independents and even pick up some conservative Democrats. When the Democrats moved further left, the middle became a huge opportunity that neither Republicans nor the Democrats are fighting for. Let’s take it.

Party Votes in 2020

You might argue we just need to include Libertarians. As you can see above, they didn’t even get 2 million votes and when you add in all the other fringe parties, it still was less than 3 million votes.  There just aren’t enough votes unless you can get a majority of Independents.

How do we do it? It starts by naming the party something that doesn’t turn off a large segment of the population. I can already hear the argument – what’s wrong with Patriots? Who are we excluding by calling ourselves Patriots?

Try an experiment.  Ask 3 people, who you know are liberal, what they think of the Patriot Party as the name for a new party.  Just listen to their response, don’t try to defend the name.

I’m pretty sure some of you will hear it’s racist, it’s anti-Muslim, it’s anti-immigrant, it’s fascist, and possibly even anti-woman. You might even hear it sounds like a bunch of little boys re-enacting the Revolutionary War and everyone that doesn’t join them is a traitor. That’s because liberals judge based on harm and fairness while conservatives judge based on stability, sanctity, authority, and group loyalty. Words often mean something different to a liberal than they do to a conservative.

Let me give an example. I just took a morality test (here).  One question asked me to rate the favorability of the Tea Party on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest). People who highly value harm/caring (liberals) rated it very low at 1.9, while people who highly value loyalty (conservatives) rated it 3.8. The entire test was like that with large differences between the way liberals and conservatives responded to questions.

Starting a new party shouldn’t be done based on emotion.  There are thousands of hours of research that has to be done to put together a party platform that will be able to attract enough people to win elections, from local to state to national, both rural and urban.

I wish we would see study groups popping up all across the US so we could have a wealth of information to work with. People need to be reading boring research papers and distilling the ideas down into chunks of usable information.  We need to have thousands of people with the equivalent knowledge of a degree in Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and the other behavioral and social sciences. We need people that can develop and run polls. We need people that can write speeches. We need people that can train poll watchers. And on and on.

Starting a new party is a lot of work and so far, I haven’t seen anyone willing to put in the hours.   I’m sure there are some big-time political consultants working on it, but do we want to put our faith in them to do what is right for the people? Can we afford the millions of dollars they will charge us?  One of the reasons the Tea Party eventually failed was because political action committees (PACs) made a nice living off of it, maybe too nice a living.

Simply naming it the Patriot Party and having a meeting is doomed to failure.  This isn’t like the Tea Party where you just have rallies and make phone calls, this is the drudgery of really hard work. We have an opportunity few Americans ever have. We can create a new party that will help shape the direction of the country for generations if we are willing to do the necessary hard work.

If we don’t do the work, any new party will be run by consultants and political operatives. It’s your choice, but if you choose to let the party be taken over by consultants and operatives, there is no reason to leave the Republican Party because you won’t be able to tell one from the other. For consultants to make the big bucks, they have to find the big donors. And most big donors are globalists.  Your choice.