An Idea for New a Political Party

Can a Political Party be Fun?

Parties are supposed to be fun, but has there ever been a political party that was fun? I don’t mean stripper in the tidal basin kind of fun, but fun for party members.

What might make a political party fun?  For one, how about if political leaders didn’t take themselves so seriously? They have serious work to do, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a politician on TV who looked and acted like he or she enjoyed their job? How about if they actually represented the people in their district and not the big lobbyists? What if we the people felt that our representatives were actually our friends and working for us?

What if a political party had no boundaries and everyone was welcome?  Instead of having a right wing way of solving a problem and a left wing way of solving the same problem, we offered the best solution to the problem? 

Take trying to move people out of poverty as an example. The conservative solution is pull yourself up by your bootstraps and the liberal solution is to provide people with financial assistance. Are these the only 2 solutions? Has either succeeded in getting rid of poverty?

The only rule book should be the Constitution.  We need to start doing pilot projects and finding out what works and what doesn’t. We have 50 state laboratories and we will most likely find that what works in one state, doesn’t work in another. Take the $15 minium wage proposal. It makes no sense to have a federal standard for minimum wage. It should be up to each state to set one if they so choose. Having the same minimum wage in NYC and a small town in Arkansas doesn’t make any sense.

I think the new political party should be called The American Funkadelic Party and I already have our theme song.  It’s called Stars by Bootsy Collins and Emi Sunshine. Emi is the young girl that sings much of the song in the video.

Bootsy was interviewed in Rolling Stone and said this about the song:

What exactly did you want to say with the song?
It’s about how people are really the same and we all hurt, and when tragedy strikes, that’s the time we all really come together. We need to try to change that way of thinking and just be together, period. The song kind of says that in a traditional way, “Let’s come together, y’all. It’s time to quit joking now. We all are human beings and we all want to live.” It just feels right; the lyrics feel right. It’s not messing with nobody’s religion. It’s not messing with nobody politically. None of that is necessary. As a matter of fact, it’s better to do without all of that and just talk straight up with people.

What I hope is that this gets you thinking about possibilities.  Instead of just thinking in terms of liberal and conservative, what else could a party be based on? How could we create a political party that is inspirational? How could we create a political party that encourages people to be their best?  How could we create a political party that the majority of the American people would want to be part of?

Covid-19 has been terribly handled by the government – local, state, and federal. The way they have handled it has been destructive, uncaring, and incompetent.   Lives have been destroyed.  Businesses destroyed. Children’s futures have been destroyed. The American people would flock to a new party that offered real hope and a solid plan to return to normalcy.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create the greatest political party the world has ever seen. We take what’s good about Democrats and Republicans and reject everything else. We rethink how we select candidates. Maybe we require they sign a term limit agreement. Maybe we require financial disclosures during the time they are representing us. We have to make sure our representatives represent us, not lobbyists.