Republican Party of Virginia

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Information Retrieved Feb 7, 2021
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State Central Committee – Elected principally along congressional district lines, to supervise the overall operations of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). Among other things, the State Central Committee determines the method of nomination for statewide candidates, considers and adopts amendments to the State Party Plan, and provides resolution regarding internal operations from the local to the state level.

Congressional District Committee – Each congressional district is organized with a governing committee, referred to as the District Committee. The District Committee is comprised of the Unit Chairs within the congressional district, plus a set of officers, and elected representatives to the State Central Committee. Similar to the State Central Committee, each District Committee determines the method of nomination for congressional candidates, supervises the operations of the party within the district, and resolves disputes within its jurisdiction.

Legislative District Committee – TheLegislative District Committees are organized by General Assembly districts.For each House of Delegates and State Senate district (140 total), the Unit Chairs(or an appointed representative) serve as members of the Legislative District Committee. The main function of the Legislative District Committee is to determine the method of nomination for General Assembly candidates. Typically, these committees only meet when necessary to make arrangements for a nomination in an election year. Some committees may consist of only one person, while others may include a dozen or more persons.

Unit Committee – Each of Virginia’s 132 cities and counties has a Unit Committee. Efforts to win elections at all levels begin at the unit level, and it is here that the Party builds the foundation for success, from the School Board to the White House. The Unit Committee determines the method of nomination for candidates for local offices, organizes precincts and assists with elections. The Unit Committee is the backbone of the entire party structure, comprised of representatives from each precinct within the unit.